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From councils, my meeting and my training with the didge i will insist on points which seemed significant and important to me to learn well this instrument . In order : it's necessary to start by playing the basic drone , just after learning the circular breathing technics and alternatives , then will come the addition of the harmonics with the tongue, the lips, the cheeks . Then playing in rhythm with breathing, vocalizations and shouts...

For playing well the didgeridoo it is necessary to be cool and not to contract itself while trying new things , it is necessary to have the shoulders completely relaxed and especially not to contract other muscles that those of the mouth, that will help us to learn to work with precise and subtle parts of our body ...

This first council is very significant , it is necessary to learn didgeridoo in the best way ...

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Playing the didgeridoo is not so hard :) The first thing to learn is the basic drone...

Some councils:

Ensure being quite hermetic with the mouth without supporting too much , blowing gently in the didgeridoo, to try to change the pressure to produce a regular vibration like that ,its important to maintain the sound long enough thus without using much air.

Once the basic drone is correctly made everyone wants immediately to play the effects and others but we will see that a little later, a good player confirmed to me: start to learn circular breathing as soon as you can make the basic drone ;) before taking bad habits .

I explain, the common error is to use ALL the AIR of the lungs to maintain as a long time the noise as possible: normal envy but it is bad habits, because the circular breathing is about maintaining the abundance of air in the lungs constantly. Just like the bagpipe, the player all the time maintains the air in the bag when it plays... That it is beautiful and easy to say but that can be learn very quickly if baits oneself well:) , you can make it quickly, let's see that....




The basic drone is made with the tongue in home position this gives a sound which will sound O or OO ; to create harmonics and to emphasize them, it is necessary to gently move the tongue which will be plated against the roof of the mouth to make like one III and to blow a little more extremely , this 'll produce this sound witch is very pleasant.

The plated cheeks will give a sound acuter than inflated.

The position of the lips also influences the tonality, to go up in the acute ones, it is necessary to draw the lips, to plate them against the teeth.




In some musics, it is sometimes possible to hear a wind played instrument by a musician seeming to have a superhuman pulmonary capacity (snake charmers). In fact there is nothing superhuman nor magic it inside, this musician can even be a big weed smoker :) , there is a " trick " in all that... and this trick is circular breathing (CB). This technique makes it possible to continue to blow while inspiring at the same time.
The CB is generally used by the players of wind instruments to obtain a continuous sound, without pauses necessary to take breath.

To learn it, the technique of the glass of water is the best because at the beginning we feels a true blocking to blow the air of the cheeks while inspiring in same time, to twist a little the straw in bottom improve the exercise, it is well to twist it less and less as you 'll progress:) i mean : blow in the straw gently, with a constant air flow,and before feeling the desire for breathing, inflate your cheeks and while emptying your mouth with the muscles of the cheeks, you take good and fast breathing: its quickly possible and after :) , You'll be really proud of it , its great , continue man :)

Then train the circular breathing in the didge , the cheeks muscles will surely have a little problem to make last the sound and the vibration will last 1 second .... so the inhale with the nose is too short and that have to be practise ... work on the symetrie of the 2 cheeks if you play on the side (natural tendency to press more one cheek than the other). It is well also work on the sound produce when the air is press by the cheeks, it must seems like the basic drone and at last 2 seconds, here an extract of sound with the air pumped by the muscles of the cheeks muscles...

Here 's a simple rythme interessant to make while circular breathing as long and clean as possible YOU CAN PROGRESS quickly : practise :)

Another trick which helped me well: Gut snap and a little beat to practise to breathe and vibrate in rhythm.


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Always practise breathing by the nose during the Didgeridoo sessions .

While using circular breathing in the didgeridoo you 'll have to work to have a continuous drone thats why its really important to do the basic drone with as less pressure as possible. This 'll allow the air cheeks to last longer .

Always try to take quicks and shorts breaths in a regular way and constantly try to increase the time of play without cut : its an important point .

A very cool exercise to learn is to play in rhythm the sounds O I O and tha O i O et tha while inhale on the tha , it shouls sound like that .




We use the diaphragm to create small pulses or air blasts to create an effect of staccato rather than a regular stream. It is the " bounce breathing " (breathing with rebound).

While playing the drone:

-Make diaphragm push like hha hha hha (without voice) : Gut snap
-Then make it in rythme …ha…ha…ha.ha.ha…
-Mix the cheeks sound ; you should be able to play like that a long time ,it's another very important point to practise.

Other good thing is to accentuate the sound of the pushed cheeks right between two diaphragm pushes , that gives a very interesting bounce to exploit to mark and accentuate a rhythm.



Free 35 mn Video by Didjaman , didgeridoo lesson especially about mouth and tongue movements!

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